With the right information at your fingertips, the investment decision is made faster!

40X.me is a modern, tech-driven, investment network that simplifies to:

  • Review

  • Video chat

  • Invest

in Emerging Companies.

All from your phone and at zero cost.

We only list companies that we forecast will give a 40 times or higher return of investment within 40 months.

We prepare each Emerging Company we are listing with:

  • A detailed Due Diligence

  • The “40X Recommendation”

  • Easy access to each company’s management

  • Real time news notifications

    All to support our investor members in making an informed decision.

The 40X.me PROCESS

The 40X.me INVESTMENT PROCESS is different compared to more traditional ways to invest:

  1. Review a company’s offer and Due Diligence on your phone

  2. View various videos prepared by the management of the company.

  3. Send real time questions to the company.

  4. Schedule a video conference by a push of a button.

  5. Place a “Reserve Bid” from your phone for the final steps of the investment (term sheet and shareholder agreement review).

These steps can be made from your phone and will drastically speed up the process to reach an investment decision!

Screenshots from our Outstanding Members System

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What our members say about us:

If you want to find the best companies to invest in, become a member, you won’t regret it!

Norman B / Investor

40x.me has a system that makes it possible to make my investment decisions from my cell phone. Amazing!

Sara P / Associate Manager

What we provide our members with:

Review, Chat and Bid, all from the 40X.me App

Easy Access Due Diligence

Outstanding Member Support System

Reserve a company while own DD

Guaranteed Anonymity

Longterm Relationship

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